Divorced MDMA

Was the best one night stand I’ve ever had.

Totally fucking babe.

Met while I was feeling sorry for myself over The Australian. We were about an hour outside of the city, my friend and I got a hostel for the night so we could just drink, dance, and then we’d lug ourselves home in the morning.

Went to a nightclub, danced, sweated, and drank way too much. I wasn’t particularly interested in taking anyone home because we were sharing a hostel with two other people and I was on the top bunk. I’d never fucked anyone in a bunk bed, and didn’t want to start at 26.

My friend had spent the night luring men from tinder out to get them to buy us drinks. The only problem was, there was about two or three different groups of men now circling. I wasn’t interested in any of them, and by the time it came around to last call she had paired off with someone completely different.

I was standing just outside the club trying to decide if I should walk home or grab a cab as she sucked face with this guy leaned across the fence when a guy walked in front of me and smiled.

He had just come out of the MacDonald’s with a hot fudge sundae and looked a bit like a space cadet with his goofy smile.

“Do you want some?” He was spooning his sundae and sliding it into his mouth. 

I laughed, and we made conversation about big obnoxious tattoos (to which I have two of that he couldn’t see.) He was witty and ridiculously good looking so I decided after about eight minutes I was going to go home with him.

My friend came up for air and wanted to know what the plan was, I looked at her, and then asked him where he was staying. Conveniently down the street.

Her and I parted ways and I promptly followed him down the street until half a block in he stopped and turned to me, “Kiss me.”

I smirked, “Say please.”

He grabbed my face and pulled me in closer, “Please.”

I can barely remember what he looks like, but I remember the sweetness on his tongue and how good it felt in my mouth.

Once we got back to his obnoxiously large hotel room, working in oil in gas can also be measured. He advised me he only had a few condoms, wanted to know when I got tested last and told me he probably wouldn’t come because he was on MDMA.

That didn’t stop me from trying.

He fucked me so hard I’m sure we woke up half the people in the hall. He was an ex-hockey player so ridiculous muscles everywhere. Amazing body, fantastic ass and his cock stayed hard all night. He went down on me for ages until my thighs clamped around his head.

At around 3:30am I fell asleep and woke up twenty minutes later to him stroking his cock so I started going down on him until we both passed out. I find MDMA usually makes guys really cuddly, and he was no exception.

He held me and told me about why him and his brother came to town. They were both fairly recently single. His brother, my age, out of a four year relationship, she wanted to get married immediately, the brother wanted to wait.

He had just finalized his divorce with someone he stated, “I only married her because she looked good and she liked me because I was well off. I realized after that couldn’t make love last.” I joked about how fat chicks always have more personality and maybe next time he should marry someone who didn’t like the size of his wallet.

He wanted to know why I was single and I gave him the summed up version, which maybe one day I’ll give the details of, and he held me and told me I should never have had to go through that.

The next morning I woke up, got dressed and he asked me for my number and how to spell my name.

Cheekily, I told him I didn’t remember his name either, but we didn’t need to exchange numbers, this was fun the way it was.

The only thing I regret, not staying and grabbing the complimentary breakfast at the hotel.


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