Let me just say that I’ve put off writing about my summer flings because of this guy.

He and I hooked up in August and while some posts are recent, anything lengthy is usually before or after him.

I fucking hate him now.

He was supposed to just be a tinder hookup, and I was perfectly content with that, but he fucked it up with words, just a few key words.

He and I matched on tinder, had exchanged a few drunken/stoned messages, sent each other dirty messages and agreed to meet up next time he was in the city. He lived about an hour outside of where I live.

So, he’s coming to town for a concert. I ask him if he wants to stay here because he’s going to the concert alone and I’d rather he come here and that going to a hotel room by myself.

I pick him up from the greyhound bus terminal, we chat, we go get beer, hang out, get along great. I ask if I can kiss him, we start making out and then fast forward and he almost misses his concert because we’ve been fucking for five and a half hours.

He was great in the sack. Big, thick, cervix-bruising cock. He was a really good looking guy too, nice eyes, big forearms, nice teeth.

I went out with some friends and told him to message me when the concert was over so we could meet up.

We did, and then promptly fucked until 4:00am. Of course taking breaks for water, cool down, mix of oral, fucking and cuddling. He was really cuddly, I’ve never really been into cuddling my one-night stands because I think it can lead to feelings. (I understand the irony that I now do this for money.)

The next day he offers to take me out for breakfast for my hospitality. I agree, he pays and on the walk to brunch he tells me about his family, his alcoholic mother, why he left Australia, and where he’s travelled. I tell him my plans to travel, a little about my family. He casually mentions that he could move to here and work in construction. 

I find this comment odd, because I was under the impression that this was a one time thing. He then mentions I’ll have to come visit him, and I’ll always have a place to stay. 

Again, unnecessary.

We go back to my place after brunch for a quick session and I drop him off at the greyhound where he promptly engulfs me in a tight embrace and ends with, “Don’t worry, we’ll see each other soon.”

Over the next three months he continues to message me, I drunk call him a few times. I go out to his town, mention to him I’m there, and he completely brushes me off. Tells me, that he went out on a date recently and doesn’t think it would be fair.

Interestingly enough, while I was visiting his town, I had the most wonderful one night stand. Divorced MDMA, who I’ll talk about next time.

I came home, annoyed with him and deciding to just delete his number and move on…

Two months later, he finds me on Instagram and wants to know why I’ve cut him off…

I bluntly told him I’ve never had anyone fuck with me so much. If he just wanted a fuck, that’s all it had to be, but shit or get off the pot and decide what you want.

He never responded but added me to Facebook a month later and then promptly un-added me a week later. He’s in a relationship now, and hopefully he’s finally figured out what he wants.

I may not know exactly what I want, but I know I’m not looking for games, and I’m not looking to help you ‘find yourself’.



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