We can’t fuck anymore, we have different political views…

Less than a week ago I invited this guy over from OKCupid who I had been talking to on and off for the last few weeks. He came across as slightly underwhelming, but I had an itch and a few hours to kill so I invited him over.

Surprisingly decent dick, bald guy but such a hairy chest he was shedding on me. I didn’t get off, but it was fun so whatever.

Let me just casually slide in that he had branded himself on both his forearms. I made an offhanded joke before we started having sex, “You’re not in some weird cult, right?”

He laughed and said it was just something he decided to do at 16.

Turns out the condom broke, a fun fact I only discovered after fishing a piece out of me. I messaged him and told him, “It’s fine, I didn’t come in you or nothing.”

Fast forward to today, I sent out a shirtless snapchat, ‘I need about five orgasms to recover from the day I just had.’

His reply:

“I’m one of those evil right wing types of guys. Your a great girl sorry I can’t help you out.”


What the fuck?

First, *you’re.

Second, I de-activated my OKCupid account about a three weeks ago, so he and I have only been communicating via snapchat since. Unless by some miracle he memorized my answers from OkCupid, how exactly has he familiarized himself with my political views? Not that it’s a secret or I’m ashamed of it, I just don’t really care when it comes to sex unless there’s very hardcore beliefs we don’t agree on.

I’ve been ghosted after sex, I’ve ghosted other people, I’ve had some weird excuses to not see me again, it genuinely does not bother me.

This one is just fucking weird.



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