Backpacking while single is in an interesting experience.

Everyone is in perpetual euphoria. Whether we get off or not we’re just happy to be out in the world , exploring, meeting new people and figuring out to get to the next destination as cheap as possible. When you backpack with five girls, four of whom are single and comfortable with their sexuality, sex is bound to happen.  (No, not with each other.)

This has been my first backpacking experience outside of North America and seeing as Nicaraguan is one of the safest countries in Central America, we made a good choice.

I didn’t actually end up sleeping with any locals but my friends did. Their experiences are theirs so I’m not comfortable speaking on their behalf, but in a broad generalization the men seem much more romanticizing. Quicker to jump to long term plans when they all knew full well we were just passing through. All of them were spouting, ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I want to be with you’, whereas the men I slept with were just as happy as I was to be sent off with a wave and a goodbye peck.

Cat-calling is also huge. Granted we’re a group of five women, but it was different in the sense that we got air kissed, a lot of, “Holaaa chicas” followed by calling us beautiful and wanting to know where we were going. One of my friend got meowed at…


I slept with two people while we were away.

Just a guy with a grumpy expression at the bar so I went up and asked him about it, ended up chatting, he ended up telling me I was one of the most honest people he’s ever met. (I get that on the regular.) He owned a bar outside of Managua, originally from Ottawa and had lived in Nicaragua for about four years. After I was already in the cab with him I asked him how old he was…48.

Turns out he also looked like my dead uncle when he took his baseball cap off. He couldn’t stay hard and as soon as I realized who he looked like I asked him to call me a cab.

(Which was an incredibly stupid idea at 4am. He had to pay the cabbie extra, the cab would barely get into gear and an extra person got in the car after he walked away. I shook the cabbies hand when he safely delivered me home, it was the only time I was really scared in Nicaragua and not my proudest moment.)

The second was in San Juan del sur which is famous for its ‘Sunday Funday’ parties. We ended up getting way too drunk on Saturday and the girls spent Sunday in bed and I walked the beach.

**I think it’s important to note how incredibly cheap Nicaragua is. A 40 of liquor is about $7.00CAN. Beer was maybe $3.50 for an eight pack. You can drink beer or liquor in cars, on the street, anywhere. A lot of bears have ladies night where you pay a $2.00 cover and you can drink from 10pm-1am for free.

We five had rented the sketchiest hostel for the night. It was a small room, maybe 10×10 all five beds crammed in, padlock for the door and it was located in the back of an Irish bar…an Irish pub in Nicaragua. One fan for all five of us, padlock on the door and shared bathroom with the entire drunken bar. I’ll be honest, I was a little grumpy and bound and determined to find someone to go home with to avoid going back there.

So, Saturday night I met this mustached  Dutch guy at a bar called Lost In Translation. He ran a tourism company, which apparently just started as a joke, for Dutch people wanting to travel Central America.

He had left home at 18 because he partied too much, got a masters degree in finance in Amsterdam and then came out to Nicaragua with five friends and just didn’t leave. They rented a gigantic, what I can only describe as mansion up the hill, stargazing the entire walk.

We jumped in the pool as soon as we got to his house and promptly walked in on his roommates dancing naked in the kitchen.

The next morning, he took a cab back with me to downtown, kept asking me if I wanted to go out for breakfast or coffee, but I was pretty set on making sure the girls had made out okay from the night prior.

He walked me to my hostel, put his arms around my waist as we walked, gave me a kiss goodbye and that was that.

No exchange of numbers, no wishy washy claims to see each other again, just fun, simple.

The way it’s supposed to be.


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