This was my Friday night:


He started off really sweet, saying he wanted to get to know me, blah, blah, blah. The persisted to ask me seven times when he could see me that night after I had told him I had plans that night.

This post ties in really great with Top 10 Mistakes Men Make With Women – and What To Do Instead. It’s starting to get a little more than tempting to drop the link in my social media profiles.

His response of course was that he was not ‘that kind of guy.’ Then proceeded to demand my name (OkCupid has nicknames) until I finally blocked him.

The wine was my consolidation prize for not telling him to go screw himself.


One thought on “This was my Friday night:

  1. Wished things had worked out better for you. Smart move turning him down. Asking you over on the first date is super sleazy. It’s obvious what he wanted. Unfortunately, most guys don’t know how to channel their ‘excited’ feelings into behaviors and personality traits that women find attractive.


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