Look at my patience just floating away…


This was my Friday night:


He started off really sweet, saying he wanted to get to know me, blah, blah, blah. The persisted to ask me seven times when he could see me that night after I had told him I had plans that night.

This post ties in really great with Top 10 Mistakes Men Make With Women – and What To Do Instead. It’s starting to get a little more than tempting to drop the link in my social media profiles.

His response of course was that he was not ‘that kind of guy.’ Then proceeded to demand my name (OkCupid has nicknames) until I finally blocked him.

The wine was my consolidation prize for not telling him to go screw himself.

Masters in Bread Crumbing

As per my last post, this individual kind of deserves their own entry.

I’ve been single now for about seven months, I actually don’t hate being single and I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog.

I matched with this individual, who I don’t even have a nickname for because I’ve never actually met him, as soon as I downloaded tinder for the first time.

This wouldn’t be so unusual except for fact that for the last seven months we’re still talking. Only the last three months or so he’s been messaging me more frequently (usually starting at 7pm, typically after a few drinks).

I’ve written this individual off as a breadcrumbing connoisseur.

It wouldn’t bother me except for the fact that now we’re facebook friends (initiated by him so we could skype.) We facetime for hours, hours. The logical part of my brain completely understands he’s lonely, fresh into the dating world after having his soul crushed from his ex leaving him out of the blue. The only time I get irritated is when he asks me what I’m doing on the weekend, then to promptly never make plans.


Two weeks ago I went as far as telling him, in a more eloquent way, to shit or get off the pot.

I dabble with insomnia so if you message me at 1am, I’m awake anyways. You want someone to talk to for a few hours on a Thursday, I’m probably free, but don’t constantly message me saying you want to meet me and hang out when nothing happens.

I’m off to Nicaragua on Friday, I’m sure he’ll continue to message me until then. I enjoy talking to him, but his requests for hang outs don’t seem to have any outcome.