You may be pretty, but damn are you dumb.


Do better.


Mistakes Come in All Sizes

This was purely a one time situation. 

He did not look like his profile picture at all. Reeked of cigarettes and I was stupid enough to invite him over during the day when I was at a particular low after the breakup. 

Long story short, he had a massive dick, tiny brain and adorable dog…but he spit on my vagina. 

Do I need to add any more than that? Kept wanting to take the condom off during sex and had what looked like cigarette burns on his chest. I could barely look at him. 

This was the first, and hopefully last time I ever cried after sex. I felt so cheap and dirty. While it was consensual, it was horrible. 

I ended up having to block his number and changed my name on social media for a while because he wouldn’t stop messaging me and sending me threatening messages.