I’m single…now what?

I haven’t been single in almost five years.

I’m aware that’s not really a big deal and it doesn’t really bother me. What bothers me is I feel like I’ve missed out on so much. All the energy, time and money wasted on something, someone, that really didn’t appreciate me. As several friends have already proclaimed, “How were you in a relationship for five years?!” 

I thought we were happy. I foolishly thought we were building the stepping-stones of our relationship…I wasn’t smart enough to demand more for myself.

This isn’t going to be a ‘Bash the Ex’ series. There’s no point.
Karma is going to work itself out for what that piece of garbage has done to me.

I used to think that my ex and I were going to have this year of growth, personal development…he would finally learn how to drive, get his drinking under control, learn to cook…dare I say, appreciate that I used to do everything, and maybe we find our way back to each other.

Pipe dream.

Now we enter what I and several close friends have affectionately labelled, ‘The Slutty Phase’. This didn’t initially being as a dick catching mission, add a lot of alcohol, and anything is possible.

That being said…let’s introduce Exhibit A: The Russian.


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